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06 July 2010 @ 10:44 am
So...I was preparing this AMV since epi 54 And it contains Spoilers of the end So don't watch If you didn't read the manga or watch the end of anime series.

It's a Royai vid. So Have fun and enjoy.

I don't take credit for any material in this video, this is only made for fun
Not copyrigth infringment intended all belows to their respective owners.

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So this is the end of the series ....SO SPOILERS but I will have to do the missing epis that I left and maybe old anime...

Picspam epi 63Collapse )
Picspam epi 64 EndCollapse )
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Little picspam of Epi 62 so Spoilerss

Picspam epi 62Collapse )
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wihh so next epi :D


Picspam epi 59Collapse )
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Well, well, well....Spoilers and blood

Epi 58 picspamCollapse )
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So here I am with this xD
They just added more royai teamwork :P

picspam OpeningCollapse )

picspam Epi 55Collapse )

picspam Epi 57Collapse )
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Yess :D:D:D:D there is ittt One of the most big moments when She ...well you will see XD

PicspamCollapse )
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yes :D finally another of the epic ones hahahah :D:D

And well Roy,Roy,you are the war horse of doom. I can't wait for next epi! hehe

Picspam epi 53Collapse )

My hand hurts after this... XD
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